Green Poop

Green Poop Treatment

In the vast majority of cases green poop is temporary and does not require any medical treatment solution. However, by understanding what causes green poop you can do a lot to prevent recurring green stools.

If your green poop is the result of eating a lot of green plants, food that is high in iron or if you are taking iron supplements you should be able to prevent recurring green stools by following a more balanced diet and / or cutting down on iron supplements. Drinking lots of water and regular exercise will also help.

Should you experience green poop as a side effect of having diarrhea your stools will return to their normal color as soon as the diarrhea stops. If you have chronic diarrhea it’s best to get a prescription from your doctor, especially if you are also experiencing pain with your diarrhea.

In many cases green poop is caused by an unhealthy diet that consists of too much fatty food. Should this be the case in your situation you should seriously consider eating more healthy and exercising regularly.

Green Poop